Fourth Newsletter from the committee in lieu of 

General Meetings during lockdown June 2021 

Chairman: Martin Dunabie  

Dept Chair: Charles (Chic) McDermott  


Treasurer: Jackie Johnson 

Press Secretary: Sharon Fields 

Other committee members: Linda HarveyStella BoydFrances Murray. 

Hello all, 

We hope you are all wellThis  We apologise that it has been such a long time since our last newsletter but with the hard lockdown after Christmas, we did not have any news to give. Things are now beginning to look up, please find this our  4th newsletter to update everyone of where we are and what we can and can’t do at this time.  

We hope you have all been for your vaccine appointments, we should all be just about be double jabbed by now. We were hoping to have been able to set a date for our first general meeting since lockdown started, but until we drop down into level one this is still not possible! But as soon as we get permission, we will set a meeting. 

Well, here is the news since our last newsletter in December 2020. 

1] MOF’s Calendar 2021– This has been a great success considering the restrictions, we do have a few left as some got locked up in the hairdressers between Christmas and re-opening at the end of April We would like the thank the MOF’s Camera Club who supplied the pictures once again for this year’s calendar. 

2] Charity Shop – We only had 2 days in the charity shop last year and all that stock is still at Jackie J’s house. We are hoping to stage a pop-up shop within the next few weeks at Goudie’s. We will need helpers so please get in touch.  Alex Kelly has new premisses opening soon and he has put us on his list –  we will be needing helpers so ask again for you to please get in touch. 

3] Co-op Local Community Fund – we are delighted that Maybole Over 50’s has been chosen to be one of the beneficiaries of the Co-op Local Community Fund.  

We’re part of the Co-op Local Community Fund  

When members buy selected Co-op branded products and services, the Co-op will give local causes a helping hand. 

Please don’t forget this is still running - We are relying on MOF’s and Co-op Members.   Co-op members can select us as their local cause by visiting the co-op members’ page. If you need help with this, please let us know.  

Visit the website and select your local cause. link 

4MOF’s Group update  a couple have re-started while others must wait for level one. If I have not mentioned your group and you have any news, please give us a call. We are working to try to organise spaces for all the groups to start up again soon. 

Walking Group - have been out on two walks around and about Maybole starting from Greenside on a Wednesday morning and to start with these will be no longer than 3 miles just to get very one back up to speed. All walkers must register contact details with Senga. Not attend if feeling ill – Temperature’s will be checked. Keep 2m apart. Take care with shared items pens, drinks, sticks, snacks etc. face coverings and sanitiser when required. No car sharing. No post walk coffee. Please bring a drink with you. Senga needs everyone to confirm by text on Sunday so that if we need to split the group into 2, she can plan for this- the Government guidelines are max 15 for outside groups. 

If you would like to join the walk, please contact MOF’s mobile 07961 833 401 

Knit & natter – We have joined Goudie’s knitting group on a Monday morning between 10am until 12noon. we had our first session last week and it was lovely to see everyone again. [This group is not run by MOF’s] 

If you would like to join, please contact: Linda at Goudie’s. 01655 882 577. 

Thursday evening Crosne St, knitting group we cannot restart until ASC allow us all back into the common room, we will keep you updated. 

Backgammon Group – Jules has said that he is starting to make plans to resume playing live backgammon at some point in the mid future. However regardless of levels of interest there will be no live backgammon until the UK backgammon federation tell him it's safe to resume.  We will keep you in the loop as to any proposed meetings etc.  

Yoga Group – Martin has been in touch with Karen, and we will be restarting as soon as we canwe have some exciting changes Karen has agreed to make the classes longer up to an hour and a half. We just need numbers to so that we know how big a space we require to kick start this group. Please contact MOF’s mobile 07961 833 401 

5] Aqua Trim at Maybole pool  this has just started and at present due to current restrictions is limited to only 7 swimmers at a time in the pool places must be booked in advancePlease contact the pool directly to book.   

6] All-day Bus Tripand Holidays  need to be on hold for this year 2021 we should plan our next bus trip for summer 2022 possibly the Dundee V&A trip as we had a particularly good sign up?  

But maybe we could do a few small farmers market trips - Irvin have a market once a month on a Friday /Largs also has a monthly farmers market or something like Cardwell or any of the Clyde valley Garden centres.  I was thinking of contacting the community bus max 15 persons, I think? If you have any ideas or thoughts or comments, please let us know by contacting us.  

MOF’s mobile 07961 833 401 - 

We are still working trying to get our groups and functions up and running again 

If you have missed any of our Newsletters, please check the 

If you have any questions or queries, please do but hesitate to contact us, we hope to hear from you all soon 


The MOF’s Committee - 

MOF’s mobile number 07961 833 401 

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