Minutes of the General Meeting held on Thursday 01 August 2019


Meeting Chaired by Mr Charles [Chic] McDermott.

Apologies From: Martin Dunabie and Stella Boyd.


  • Welcome

Chic welcomed everyone to the meeting, he then asked Willie Gaffney to start us off.


  • Bowling Club

Willie Gaffney invited all MOF’s to an Open Day at the Maybole Bowling Club, Come and have a go! Please note that flat shoes should be worn! Contact Willie or Anne walker.

  • 1st date Sunday 11 August 2019 if rained off then
  • 2nd date Sunday 18 August 2019 .


  • Updates

Since the last meeting in June, Chic brought everyone up to date with the news of the various groups.

  •  Swimming - has new times 10am -1pm Tuesdays & Thursdays adults only. Also, MOF’s membership does not give entitlement to discount for use of the Maybole pool. A South Ayrshire Leisure Card can give discounts from 15% up to 50%.
  • Aqua-fit – no reply has been received to a letter to Lynsey Logan at Ayr Citadel.
  • Knit & Natter – is now meeting at Crosne Street housing at the invitation of the residents.
  • Tattoo Trip -  07 August 2019 meeting at the station at 3.30pm for Dodds bus. Drop off at Chambers Street. Tattoo starts at 9pm. Pick up for home at same point after the show.

    Chic handed over to Sharon who gave us details of the web-site relaunch.


  • Web-Site Relaunch
  • In future all correspondence will be via the website or on The Speakers notice board [ minutes, date for your diary, etc.]. We are asking everyone to have a look at the revamped website, if you need to contact us new e-mail address are: mayboleover50s@gmail.com , admin@mayboleover50s.org and thecommittee@mayboleover50s.org
  • New mobile phone number 07961 833 401 has been set up purely for you to phone a member of the committee. This phone will be passed between committee members. This should enable communications when  people are away on holidays or otherwise unavailable, Any and all e-mails that come out from MOF’s committee will have a g-mail address which can be replied to: mayboleover50s@gmail.com
  • Metal cupboard belonging to MOF’s must be removed from The Speakers A.S.A.P. An objection was made to it being given away free, and the consensus from the members was that a donation to MOF’s should be requested. Someone has been in touch with the committee who can make use of it , we will ask that a donation to MOF’s be given in return.  
  • MOF’s Christmas Lunch at Wildings – this is open to all members, not solely the walking group, the list is now up in The Speakers please add your name if you would like to attend or contact us via email or on the new phone number.
  • We have been asked if there is an alternative venue to Wildings, please let us know what you think about going elsewhere next year[Christmas 2020]?


Sharon handed over to Jackie who gave us details of the September bus trip

  • Castle Douglas Bus Trip – Thursday 12th September 2019. Closing date for booking 30th August 2019 Stopping at The Royal in Cumnock for high tea on the way back. Please see website or Speakers notice board for more details.
  • Pantomime Jack & the Beanstalk – 12th December 2019. Please contact Anne Walker by 30 August 2019
  • We would welcome any ideas for future trips, Tick the box list sent around the meeting for members to give feedback.
  • Constitution changes - amended constitution will be posted on the website for all to see.
  • Membership cards are now being issued – see Jackie J
  • New Flyers are being printed with contact info and membership registration form included.
  • Members have been asked to remind friends and family about renewing memberships
  • Bank- RBS have updated the signatory on the MOF’s Bank Account.


Charity Shop – enquires to be made for availability for next year, one week in February and another week later in the year. Chic McDermott to speck to Alex Kelly about this.

  • Raffle raised £38.00 again
  • Any Other Business – none
  • Next meeting – Thursday 26 September 2019 1pm at the Speakers, before the closer .


Chic Thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting 

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