for Maybole Over 50’s [formally known as Maybole Opportunities in Retirement]


The name of the association is Maybole Over 50’s (MOF’s)


The object of Maybole Over 50’s (MOF’s) is to promote the welfare of its members, to combat loneliness, and social isolation for the 50+ age range for the most part (but not exclusively) in any manner which now is or hereafter may be deemed by law to be charitable within Maybole and North Carrick area as a whole.

 Executive committee

1)   The Association will appoint at its AGM an Executive Committee of not more than ten [10] members including office bearers.                                                                                                                           

2)   The Office bears appointed from the Executive Committee will be-     

Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.

These office bearers will hold office for a minimum of one year but will be eligible for re- election

3)   People elected or appointed as Group Leaders will also be invited to be members of the Social Committee.

4)   There will be a minimum of four [4] Executive Committee meetings per year.

5)   The quorum for business of the Executive Committee shall be four [4] members.

6)   The Executive Committee will have the power to invite representatives of the local authority and such other organizations to attend meetings.

7)   The Executive Committee will have the power to purchase goods for and on behalf of Maybole Over 50’s which items will remain the property of MOF’s.

Sub Committees

The Executive Committee will have the power to appoint Sub Committees as required.

1)   The Social Committee will plan and coordinate social activities for the association.

General Meetings of the Association

1)   All members of the association will be entitled to vote at all General Meetings.

2)   There will be a minimum of six [6] General Meetings per year.

3)   The quorum for business at General Meeting shall be ten [10] members.

Annual General meeting

General Meeting of the association will be held in at the end of the Financial Year in April or May each year. At the AGM the following business will be conducted –

1)   Election of Executive Committee and Office Bearers.

2)   Receive reports from Office Bearers and from Group Leaders.

3)   Receive Financial reports for the year ending 31st March.

4)   Consider any other competent business.

5)   Any decisions at the AGM concerning changes in the constitution will require having a two thirds majority of those present and entitled to vote. Otherwise, voting will be decided by a simple majority.

6)   Notice of the AGM will be posted for members to view at least Twenty-one [21] days before the date of the meeting.


1)   The association will maintain proper accounts of all funds.

2)   Properly audited accounts must be submitted to the AGM for scrutiny and approval.

3)   The end of the financial year for the purpose of this association will be 31st of March each year.

4)   All funds will be held in a bank account named “Maybole Over 50’s”.

5)   The Bank account will be operated by any of the four [4] nominated executive committee members for repeat bills and accounts. 1. Chairperson, 2. Secretary, 3. Treasure and one other committee member. Large payments or cheques and new or one-off transactions would still require approval by 2 out of the 4 signatories.

6)   All funds held by or on behalf of the Association will be applied to the furtherment of the aims and objectives of the Association and for no other purpose.

7)   All officers of the Association will act in an honorary capacity incurred in the fulfilment of the properly approved duties on behalf of the Association.

8)   The Association will have the right to meet the expenses of individuals incurred in the fulfilment of properly approved duties on behalf of the Association.

9)   The Association will have the power to seek grants and funding from National Government, Local Government, Trusts and other funding Bodies for MOF’s.

10)       The Annual General Meeting will determine the Annual Membership Subscription.

The Constitution

No alteration of the constitution shall be made except at a properly constituted General Meeting or Annual General Meeting.


If a properly constituted General Meeting of the Association decided by simple majority it is necessary or advisable to dissolve the association then any assets remaining and belonging to the association after the satisfaction of debts and liabilities shall be applied towards such charitable purposes for the benefits of the inhabitants of the neighborhood of Maybole and the North Carrick area as the association may decide

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