Minute of General Meeting of MOF’s held on 23 June 2022 at Goudie’s at 1pm

Present – see list

Apologies – various

Mrs Senga Mason chaired this meeting and welcomed members

It was announced that all groups using Goudie’s for meetings, cost would now be £2.00 per group member. This is due to increase in cost of Lets, it was agreed that this would start as of 1st August 2022.

Update on Groups –

Ukulele – good steady group, been out entertaining other groups

Walking Group – one of the larger groups within MOF’s and a good turnout each week

Sewing/Craft Group – slowly increasing in numbers, group has had boards made to cover pool tables to allow cutting of fabric etc.

Bingo – have had up to 15 attending on the fortnightly games

Chair Yoga – is now being held weekly after the Yoga Class, up to 12 can attend the Chair yoga. Reports have been good with some of the members benefitting from this type of exercise. Please note Yoga and Chair Yoga are open to non-members as well

Website – Senga has asked all group leaders to check the website and make updates/or refresh

Out and Abouters” – this is a group for folks to use their bus passes for days/afternoons out. Names were asked for

Outings- pre covid a trip was being organised to Dundee, this is being set for Thursday 1st September 2022, a sheet was there for names to be signed; cost will still be £20 per member and £25 for non-member. A date will be set for numbers and payment will be required and this will be non-returnable

A suggestion was made to have a meeting at the beach namely Maidens in the good weather. Again, names were asked for who would be interested.

Scrolls – A letter was received from Maybole Community Council say The Walking Group has been named and awarded a Scroll of Appreciation from Maybole. Three members are required to attend namely John Harris, Phyllis Callow and Marion Kerr for the Walking Group

Maybole Bowling Club – Sunday 10 July 2022 at 2pm an afternoon is being held for members to come along for fun with bowls. Names for those interested were taken

Pantomime – Beauty and the Beast, King’s Theatre, Glasgow – tickets have been reserved for Thursday 15 December 2022 at 1pm; cost £24.50. Names for those interested

Theatre Group – to date to Roy Orbison, next March 2023, if interested in anything please contact Jackie Johnston

Craft Fair – Saturday 20 August 2022 in Carrick Centre, there will be a Tombola Stand at this event, members were asked to help support this event either with donations for Tombola of volunteering at Stall

It had been suggested a visit to Xmas Markets, Senga said as matters are still quite unsettled, nothing for abroad at present, maybe look at next year. One suggestion was a trip to Newcastle for Xmas Markets; Senga had looked at this and had given members few ideas, once again names were asked for to gauge interest (talking about 4 nights stay)

Date for next General Meeting was made for Thursday 18 August 2022

Dates for the Diary – please if you are interested in any of the events coming up let us know and we can add your name to any of the lists

Sunday 10 July, 2pm. Fun day at Maybole BC, Cassillis Road, come along, please wear flat soled shoes no heels

Saturday 20 August- Craft Fairat Carrick Centre

Thursday 1 September – Outing to Dundee

Thursday 15 December, 1pm – pantomime at Kings Theatre, Glasgow

Picnic to Maidens

Christmas Markets - Looking at trip to Newcastle

Just get in touch through email or phone MOF’s if you are interested in any of the above or have any suggestions you would like considered

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