Minutes of the General Meeting held on Thursday 6 June 2019

Meeting Chaired by Mr Martin Dunabie.

Apologies From: Chic McDermott, William Gaffney And Stella Boyd.

  • Meet the Committee

Martin welcomed everyone to the meeting, he then asked the executive committee members present  to introduce themselves to the meeting.

  • Thank you to all

Martin Thanked everyone who has worked or donated to or in the charity shop for all their hard work over the past years and it was generally agreed that we would try for the shop twice a year if that can be arranged.

  • Thanks, were given to Senga Mason for her work arranging the MOF’s holiday to Benidorm.
  • Thanks, were given to Anne Walker and the social committee for the New Lanark Bus Trip.
  • Constitution Changes
  1. Over 50’s but not exclusively.
  2. Committee from maximum  eight [8] members up to maximum of ten [10] members.
  3. Executive committee quorum to four [4] .
  4. Bank from three [3] signatories to four [4].
  5. Repeat bills and small amounts by any, one[1] of the four [4]. 

The members  were asked to vote to allow these changes by show of hands and we asked if there were any objections,  none were raised at the meeting.

  • Draft 18 month rolling social calendar

Draft calendar  format was passed around for all to see, and a list of ideas for future trips for members to add to.  

  • MOF’s Walking Group Christmas Lunch @ Wildings

We asked if the members would like to go for a MOF’s Christmas lunch @ Wildings [ Monday 16December 2019 at 1pm ]   as this was a big success last year with more than 50 members in attendance. A list was passed around and 18 members signed up. [An objection was raised by a member of the walking group to the name and this was changed].

  • Maybole Gala Day

Members were reminded that this Saturday is Gala Day. MOF’s have taken a stand to promote the Maybole Over 50s Group and will hand out amended flyers and the Ukulele group will play.

  • Raffle raised £38.00
  • A.O.B. – none
  • Next meeting – Thursday 01 August 2019 1pm at the Speakers, before the Tattoo Trip.

Martin Thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting  

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