The Executive Committee would like to help and support MOF’s groups by allowing applications for internal grants for capital purchases to support the ongoing viability of the groups [but not for consumables].


  • Grant applications should be submitted for committee approval before expenditure is committed
  • The Executive Committee will consider applications at monthly committee meetings after other business. Grants will be awarded at the discretion of the committee.
  • A report of all applications and approved grants awarded should be available for review at AGM.
  • The Group must have been in existence for at least six months and must be able to demonstrate ongoing viability
  • Items purchased with assistance of an internal grant remain the property of Maybole Over 50’s should the group claiming the grant disband.


Applications should be signed and dated by group leaders and 2 group members, please e-mail applications to: or call 07961 833 401

Group Name:


Group Leader:

Group Member 1:

Group Member 2:

Details of the group and the purchase the grant is intended to support:

A fully costed budget for the purchase and amount of money applied for:

A statement of the group’s intended financial contribution to support the purchase and or MOF’s or an agreed percentage of the total cost of expenditure.

Considered at committee meeting held on Date:

Amount if any awarded: £

Approved By:

Rejected By:

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