Theatre Group

We started the Theatre Group in February 2019.

"I love the Theatre, but my partner doesn't so by joining this group, I can go to see the shows I fancy without him having to suffer!"

The main intention of the group is to embark on regular theatre trips, mainly to The Gaiety in Ayr, but not exclusively, so trips to Kilmarnock, Glasgow and Edinburgh could also be on the agenda.

The pandemic put us on hold for a couple of years, but we are back we went to the much-postponed Everly Brothers Dream last year. Pantomime at both the Kings Theatre Glasgow and the Gaiety Ayr.

We plan to hold occasional and short meetings for members  where we can discuss up-coming shows that we might be interested in both at The Gaiety and the Palace and to make a short list to help us decide and also discuss whether we take a meal before the show.

At the time of writing we are quite a small group 10/12 active members, but if there is a show you would like to see, and no one else likes the look of it, you don't have to go on your own, come with us!

If you're interested in what The Gaiety currently has to offer check their website here:

If you would like to attend or would like more information, please use the Contact us page to send us a message.

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