Minutes of the General Meeting held on Thursday 06 FEB 2020

Meeting Chaired by Mr Martin Dunabie

Welcome from Martin – Since the last meeting in December, Martin brought everyone up to date with the news for

Website – please keep looking and tell us what you want added

Rolling calendar - Link to the rolling calendar has been added from the website

Maybole Over 50’s Facebook page – has been set up needs work

Minutes from general meetings - these are all on the website. However, it appears that members are having some difficulty accessing the website and would like us to return to an e-mail after each general meeting. MOF’s Phone number - 07961 833 401

Charity Shop Friday 14 February 2020 – 21 February 2020

Stella Boyd will oversee the rota for the week. Willing helpers should let Stella know a suitable time that they can work. Martin reminds us to save our stuff for the charity shop. And to think about donations for the Tombola. We as I’m sure you all know, need all hands-on deck Friday afternoon to set up. If you can’t get to the shop, we can uplift items, but you need to contact MOF’s phone or Stella.

MOF’s Calendar sales -The committee thanked the camera club for this year’s calendar. With a print run of 100 with 90 sold [£540.00] to date with 3 given as gifts.

Burns supper Friday 28 February 2020 at 7pm - We only have room for a max of 40 and we have 27 names so far, we are asking everyone to pay in advance, after dinner Entertainment provided by Mary Hogg, With songs from Jim & Mhairi Stevens

Social Committee have set the agenda for 2020 and hope to –

1] Charity Shop Friday 14 February 2020 – Stella

2] MOF’s 1st Burns supper Fri 28 February 2020 – Jackie

3] Spring Bus Trip – April/ May Dundee THE V & A Museum

4]Summer bus trip - August /Sept - see Next year suggestions tick the box list.

5] Winter bus Trip –November Belfast Christmas Market OvernightTo be priced.

6] MOF’s Holidays - Sunseekers holiday May – Winter city break holiday Nov – looking for numbers of members who would be interested in going away with fellow MOF’s?

7] MOF’s Christmas party night 2020 December – Maria offered to plan - Looking at going to Malin Court Friday/Saturday night in Dec for 3 course dinner & show/ dancing.

8] Christmas savings/payment club- for Holidays/ Bus trips and party nights etc.

Group news –the old Knit & Natter which was held at the speakers on a Tuesday morning would like to come back under the MOF’s umbrella. There was much discussion about this, as to the way in which this group left MOF’s. After extensive debate, it was agreed that as the group dynamics had changed considerably and so long as all its members where all MOF’s the group could be considered as part of the MOF’s Family. If you are interested this group meets at the Corner Pocket on Tuesday mornings from 11am to 1pm. A group leader will have to be appointed. The committee was asked if this would affect the Evening Knit & Natter held at Crosne Street Common Room on Thursday nights from 7pm to 9pm. The answer was no this would continue as its for the Crosne Street residents and MOF’s who cannot make mornings.

The BackgammonGroup- Jules Runs 2 backgammon groups MOF’s & Ayr U3A and asks should a member of either group be allowed to attend the others meeting when they are unable to attend their own session. Other than when playing each other in a competition. It was decided that in order to speed up the process, we would bring it to the next meeting which was a general meeting. The outcome of that discussion was the visiting member should pay a higher fee to play [£2.00] than the home member [£1.00]. Unless they come more than twice then they would be required to join our membership.

Camera club – the leader of this group has sent us an e-mail saying that they wish to leave the MOF’s, we have replied to this asking for a meeting with them. which they have not replied to yet, the members of the group who were at the meeting said that they would speak to the committee on their own rather than in an open forum of a general meeting. We will set up a meeting and advise you all later.

Committee meetings –All MOF’s members are very welcome however - please make an appointment so as not to disrupt a meeting - [Dates of meetings will go on the website rolling calendar] should you wish to see the committee just drop us an e-mail or phone.

Other business

Please take note that comments posted on social media pages with regards to MOF’s can be viewed by anybody and reflect on Maybole Over 50’s as a whole group. Please do not embarrass yourself with crass or nasty remarks!

MOF’s recipe book – We have started to collect recipes [any type] but we need more, please send to MOF’s e-mail or pass to group leaders, or hand them in to the charity shop 14th to 21st February 2020.

The Theatre group – Are planning on going to the Gaiety to see the Everly Brothers Dream on Saturday 21 March 7.30pm Tickets £26.00 hope to be booked this weekend.

MOF’s Discounts an issue was raised about Mountain Warehouse not honouring.

Big Raffle launch –cancelled - My apologies -This will have to go back in the box for a while as I got it all wrong. - Jackie J [BUT it will be back hopefully before the AGM]

Next General Meeting Thursday 26 March 1pm St Oswolds

Martin Thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting   

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